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- ports à ouvrir (pour X-Lite 5060 en TCP/UDP et 8000 en UDP) dans le pare-feu logiciel, - ports à rediriger au niveau routeur vers l’adresse Ip du PC (=> Dhcp activé au niveau routeur + adresse Ip à fixer au niveau PC / OU / adresse Ip auto + bail Dhcp permanent pour le PC au niveau routeur). Download, install, and configure the free X-Lite softphone ... If you are using X-Lite 3.0, click menu that is located near the top of the softphone. In the menu that opens, select SIP Account Settings . To configure X-Lite to serve as a phone for a customer service representative, add a new account with the following settings: How to configure X-Lite - 4PSA Knowledge Base - 4PSA Wiki To prevent any registration issues, please go to the Advanced tab and change the Reregister every {x} seconds value to 60 seconds rather than 3,600 seconds. STEP 7: Activate the account and start using it.

Download MicroSIP (скачать микросип), full or lite version, installer or zip archive with portableSpace and Delete keys - changed Dialer resizing - fixed Opus codec - fixed several possibleRTP port range setting - added SIP source port setting - added "rport" option - added possibility to make... Configuring SIP Telephones | Figure 4.3. X-Lite user… The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP),[57] commonly used in VoIP phones (either hard phones, or softphones), takes care of the setup and teardown of calls, along with any changes during a call such as call transfers. The purpose of SIP is to help two endpoints talk to each other (if possible, directly to... Configuration of X-Lite for cheap SIP calls X-Lite is a popular softphone for Windows and Mac. Since it’s a software application, you will require both speaker and microphone devices to make calls.Choose the option Send outbound via: Domain a sip.call2friends.com. Now choose the Topology tab and check Auto-detect firewall traversal method... Changing local SIP port on 2811 router - Cisco Community To manually change the defined Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) listen port for UDP/TCP/TLS calls, use the listen-port command in SIP configuration mode.The listen-port command is configurable on both incoming and outgoing SIP calls, and is applicable for both TDM-IP gateway and Cisco Unified...

Networking: Firewall Traversal, SIP signaling, and RTP ...

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Networking: Firewall Traversal, SIP signaling, and RTP ...